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    Watch what you want

    Watch any TV show, movie, music video, anywhere on the planet, legally.

    Enjoy first-run, independent, off the air, and back catalogue programming from the four corners of the world.

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    Choice, Voice and Control

    ZoweeTV delivers TV shows, movies, and music videos to virtually any device, anywhere in the connected world.

    Interact with your friends and a world of information about your favorite movies, shows, and actors with the integrated ZoweeTV social network.

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The richest, most vivid mobile way to enjoy your favorite programs on ZoweeTV.




The most convenient ‘in your pocket’ way to enjoy ZoweeTV when you’re on-the-go.


Blu-Ray Players


A low-cost upgrade to your older television to get full access to ZoweeTV.


Smart Tv's


ZoweeTV puts your favorite TV shows and movies right into your television, where they belong.




The most powerful way to enjoy ZoweeTV and interact with friends, actors, movies, TV shows, and more.


Game Console

Game Consoles

Take advantage of your game console investment with full access to ZoweeTV. Coming in 2018.




Everything from first-run to niche and independent productions, off the air, and back catalogue programs, and the best in news, sports, movies and television can be found on ZoweeTV. ZoweeTV is the world’s library of entertainment.

ZoweeTV is information-rich television. Simply watch TV, or, with the click of a button, get internet-quality information about your favorite movies and TV shows, directors, actors, crew, performers, studios, and more.

Interact with the productions you watch,comment on your favorite moments, follow your favorite actors, and make recommendations to your friends, and much more, simply and easily.



ZoweeTV is more than just a great way to watch television, it’s a social connection to the world’s entertainment. ZoweeTV’s integrated social network gives you the power to connect with your friends in a media-centric environment. Discuss plot twists, make predictions, and argue about who shot first,all on your TV, smartphone, computer, tablet, and more.

Recommendations from your friends, the community, and the ZoweeTV system help you to discover the shows that are right for you. When you Rate, Comment on, and Recommend shows on ZoweeTV, your voice is heard by the people that make the shows you love. On ZoweeTV, your opinion matters.


My Library

On ZoweeTV, you don’t just watch television, you build your own collection of personal entertainment. When you find something you want to watch, rent it directly from the creators, or purchase it, adding it to your library to enjoy again and again.

Your library is your personalized ZoweeTV experience, where recommendations are tailored specifically for you, based on what you currently enjoy watching. It’s like your own personalized video store, where the shelves are filled with all your favorites.

Rent or Buy? SD or HD? With commercials or without? With ZoweeTV, your library is yours to control.


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