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    Reach a Global Audience

    with highly-targeted and measurable campaigns.

    ZoweeTV enables increasingly efficient and performance-driven campaigns with pinpoint-accurate and actionable analytics.

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    Global and Regional

    advertising campaign management.

    ZoweeTV viewers are engaged members of the advertising process. Reach each locally, but control the campaign globally in near-realtime.

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    Maximize the Impact

    of your advertising at a low cost.

    ZoweeTV’s advertisers enjoy a very low CPM compared to broadcast television, only paying for ads that have actually been presented to a viewing audience.

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ZoweeTV provides advertisers with all the power and control over advertising that content owners have over productions, allowing them to promote to engaged and receptive viewers globally, regionally, or demographically with viewer-level pinpoint targeting and feedback.

ZoweeTV is television-quality advertising with the reach of the internet, coupled with the first-person integration and viral nature of a social network.

ZoweeTV is working with international and regional advertising partners. Information on ZoweeTV’s unique advertising advantages are available (under an NDA as necessary) by contacting This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .




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