• Take Control

    Of Publishing, Distribution and Revenue

    Expand your audience through ZoweeTV, a 'Free Market Model™' for television that gives you full control of your productions and revenue potential.

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  • Give Consumers

    Control of Consumption, Choice, and Convenience

    ZoweeTV allows consumers anywhere on Earth to watch your productions with or without commercials.

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Works on all Devices


Watch on your Blu-ray™ player, smartphone, Home Theatre, tablet, computer, game console, and set-top box, and more.


Take Control of Distribution


Access a global market of consumers and receive detailed analytics and reporting to refine pricing, target promotions, and maximize revenue.


Consumers get What They Want


Watch any TV show, movie, music video, anywhere on the planet, legally with an evolved social network.


Easy to Use


Allow consumers anywhere on Earth to watch your productions. It's easy-to-use for Grandkids, Grandparents, and everyone in between.


Users Retain a Personal Library


Be 'On the Air' for life - never get cancelled and enjoy limitless revenue potential, Distribute with confidence, security, and accountability


Powerful System


Assemble the pieces of your production, publish it to ZoweeTV, analyze its performance, and manage it to increase revenue potential.



Assemble the pieces of your production

Load your content with zoweetv easy-to-use interface or XML batch loading.

Interconnect your movie's graphics, media components and metadata into a ready-to-publish production.

Assemble graphics, metadata, media files, and cast & crew into episodes, group episodes into seasons and connect the seasons into a publishable series.

Add detailed biographical and character information for your cast & crew.

Create and mold the personalities of your roles and characters.


Publish it to ZoweeTV

Release globally or selectively to specific regions.

Publish concurrently in multiple ways with different release schedules, prices and conditions.

Publish to the entire world, or any piece of it, with the click of a button.


Analyze its performance

ZoweeTV Analytics reports on the performance of your productions in near-realtime. Easily narrow your focus to a specific time period, region, and more.

ZoweeTV’s trending and relational consumption infometrics generate recommendations to maximize viewer conversion and strike the optimal balance between audience growth and revenue.

Compare your production to other productions and to similar productions on the system to get an ever richer insight into its performance.

Manage it to maximize revenue

ZoweeTV tracks and monitors your productions, flagging “out of band” trends and dramatic changes in activity.

ZoweeTV analytics can recommend adjusting the production art, description, synopsis, trailers, metadata, purchase and rental price points, and other variables to fully realize your production’s potential.

ZoweeTV gives you the control you need to maximize your revenue, maximize audience growth, or strike the ideal balance in between.


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