• ZoweeTV is

    A Television Revolution

    Content owners control their productions and consumers control their viewing experience in a legal, secure, convenient, and economically balanced system with virtually limitless potential.

  • ZoweeTV is

    Smarter Television

    ZoweeTV combines the benefits of iTunes, YouTube, and IMDb with an integrated media-centric social network to create the world’s first ‘Free Market Model™’ for television.

About Us

ZoweeTV is the next generation of personal video entertainment. Imagine getting your TV shows on your television, your personal computer or your mobile device whenever you want it, legally.

ZoweeTV is a comprehensive, end-to-end video entertainment system that delivers content from producers around the world directly to the consumer’s device.

With ZoweeTV, the content owner and consumer connect, with the owner always in control of the content while the consumer remains in control of the viewing experience.

ZoweeTV is Smarter Television.

Investor Relations

ZoweeTV is a ‘Free Market Model™’ for television, creating a bridge between content owners and consumers to enable direct transactions between the two, anywhere in the connected world. Content owners get revenue while retaining control of their productions, and consumers get to control their viewing experience.

ZoweeTV has been designed from the ground up to be global, scalable, and profitable for all parties involved.

ZoweeTV is located in Calgary, Canada and Los Angeles, California, in the heart of the Hollywood entertainment community.

For more information, contact investors@zoweetv.com.



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